Whether you’re looking to transform your living room or refresh your kitchen, here's how you can incorporate the latest colour schemes, furniture styles and décor trends into your home.

“As the seasons change, we naturally want to update our interiors to reflect our mood,” says Tina Barkway, trading director at Aldiss department store. “We’re seeing a few trends from earlier in the year holding strong with some new and exciting choices arriving over the coming months.”

Victoria Jackson, Aldiss’s furniture buying director, adds: “This year, home decorating is all about experimenting with pattern and texture, using natural materials and making mindful purchasing decisions.”

Below, Tina and Victoria share their top five home trends to consider this summer and autumn.

1. Sustainability

Sustainability is key for homeware trends in 2022. “As we become increasingly aware of our environmental impact, buying more consciously has become a top priority,” says Victoria.

To reflect this shift in buying habits, a growing number of furniture and upholstery manufacturers are beginning to introduce eco-friendly products into their ranges. "Our sustainable collections are increasingly in demand, from garden furniture made with recycled materials to responsibly-sourced cotton bedding,” Victoria shares.

“We’re also seeing shoppers spend more on higher quality furniture and accessories that will last to avoid wasteful purchases.”

2. Luxury beds

Bedrooms are being transformed into lavish sleep sanctuaries that promote rest and relaxation, with a particular focus on mattress choice. Dunlopillo, Emma and Tempur are current best-selling brands at Aldiss, offering a range of luxury mattresses to suit different sleeping needs.

“A good night’s rest is crucial for wellbeing, and when it comes to buying a bed, a one-size-fits-all approach will no longer do,” says Victoria. “Hybrid mattresses are incredibly popular as they offer the best of both worlds – the sink-in softness of memory foam combined with the support and breathability of springs to guarantee a comfortable sleep.”

3. Rattan and natural materials

Woven and wicker décor has made a comeback – and there’s no sign of it leaving any time soon. “Rattan has traditionally been used outdoors, but we’re now seeing it move inside, to be used on everything from headboards to cabinet doors and coffee tables,” says Victoria.

Natural materials continue to be of interest, reflecting our renewed connection with the outdoors since the pandemic. Tina suggests mixing tones, materials and textures to create a relaxed and timeless look. "Choose accessories in wood, rattan, bamboo, porcelain and natural yarns like wool to add interesting focal points to a room.”

4. Bold colours and prints for summer

Naturally, bright colours come into their own during the summer. Tina predicts that yellow and bright greens will feature prominently on accessories, adding a playful element to indoor and outdoor design.

The trend of jungle and floral prints will also continue to grow, she says: "Nature-inspired prints of all colours are still strong for this season as we focus on bringing the outdoors in. Have fun by mixing different patterns and prints on cushions, curtains and bed linen to add vibrancy and personality to your living spaces.”

5. Muted tones for autumn

By the time Autumn comes around, the emphasis will be on creating calming environments. Colour palettes will transition into softer shades of cream, beige and terracotta, says Tina. "The new Denby Kiln range of kitchenware is a great example of this upcoming accessories trend, with its neutral hues of chalk white, oatmeal and grey.”

Popular colours such as green and blue will still be around but in a toned-down form. “We’ll see more earthy shades of olive, sage and moss as well as smoky shades of blue with touches of blush and rose pink,” predicts Tina.

"The trend of grey sofas and blue kitchen cabinets are also here to stay as they offer an ageless colour scheme that works year-round,” adds Victoria.

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