Exciting school trips are always the highlight of the year for school children and those in Suffolk have many memorable experiences on days out in the county.

Whether it's exploring historic castles or looking for signs of coastal erosion on Suffolk's beaches, there are many school trip locations that people who grew up in Suffolk have in common.

Here are seven school trips that all Suffolk children will remember going on.

1. Framlingham Castle

One of Suffolk's most famous landmarks and tourist attractions, Framlingham Castle was a regular feature on the school calendar.

Children could learn about the history of the castle and surrounding area while imagining what life was like when the castle was built in the 12th century.

2. Pleasurewood Hills

Pleasurewood Hills, in Lowestoft, is Suffolk's most popular theme park and school children often spent their last day of term at the park.

With a wide variety of rides and things to do during the day, the Pleasurewood Hills trip was an eagerly anticipated date on the school calendar.

3. Dunwich

Dunwich is a favourite for geography school trips where children can learn about the effects of coastal erosion.

Known as the Lost City of England, Dunwich dates back to Anglo-Saxon times and was once the capital of the Kingdom of the Eastern Angles.

4. Kentwell Hall

Kentwell Hall in Sudbury is a popular day out for schools where children can learn about the Tudor period.

Children were encouraged to dress up for the day and become fully immersed in a different part of England's history.

5. Trips to the Suffolk coast

The classic beach day out at school was an opportunity for children to take in the coastal Suffolk air and have some fun with their friends.

Aldeburgh and Southwold were common choices for schools to take children and allow them to explore the beaches.

6. Thorpe Woodlands

Thorpe Woodlands makes the most out of Thetford forest and provides children with a few days of activities in amongst nature.

School trips would involve teaming up with friends for outdoor games and exercise with anything from zip wires to canoeing on the agenda.

7. Banham Zoo

Banham Zoo might be just outside of Suffolk but lucky school children could be taken to see the thousands of animals from all over the world.

Schools would visit Banham Zoo for a treat at the end of term or just a fun day out for both children and teachers!