Not in the Christmas spirit? I don't understand, writes Jo Malone

The two women on the bus in front of me have clearly had a few hours Christmas shopping and I can't help but overhear as they discuss their to-do lists, which are all about Christmas Day.

It was all about food and presents and if one had enough chairs and did they really have to have crackers and how one granddaughter had said tinsel wasn't allowed and what was that all about?

There didn't appear to be any fun plans apart from Christmas Day and they couldn't wait to 'have it all tidied away' after people had gone on Boxing Day.

It was top level eavesdropping and I just about manage to not interrupt – pretty impressive for me – and drop my festive theory into their conversation.

It's not about one day, at all.

Midwinter and the festive season are thought about in our house at least once a week all year round. We might be eyeing up the holly tree and wondering if this is the year I actually get round to cutting some; or I'll remember the year that I did and it shrivelled up and looked awful after a few days. It was supposed to be abundant and swag-like, draping artfully from beams, mantlepieces and windowsills. It just looked dead and a bit dusty. I convinced myself it was better leaving it for the birds.

Or we'll be messing about with glitter or moving the last Christmas decoration that we couldn't bear to put away but which doesn't really have a home.

Last year we were looking forward to going to Canada for Christmas to see number one daughter. A huge holiday for us; we talked Christmas pretty much all year.

We've been in happy Christmas mode for weeks. There was the Christmas card list making, the Christmas card creating, and the Christmas card writing that goes on, and on, and on, until even I'm fed up trying to tell Thalia how to spell Christmas for every card she writes. Who knew one eight-year-old could create so many variations? She's still got another 14 people on her list...

We've seen the postwoman in a Christmas pudding hat, the man at the till in the co-op in a Christmas jumper and a fair amount of Christmas earrings worn.

I know we're not the only family who have that tingly Christmas feeling for ages either, with more than one I know counting down the days until it was Advent Calendar time and the possible return of those cheeky elves too.

We had an early Christmas family treat - seeing The Nutcracker at the Theatre Royal, the wonderfully over the top festive ballet. We went to see the film too, but that mostly left us slightly confused rather than Christmassy as the story was different from the ballet.

We've started touring lights, always via our favourite, which is a big stunning dollhouse-perfect house we call the Nutcracker House; it always has a beautiful, very traditional, tree in the window.

Shouting 'lights lights' and pointing like over-excited pixies very time we see anything more interesting than a street lamp (we do live in the countryside with no street lights) will keep us festively amused into the New Year.

And we haven't even put up our own lights yet, or tree, or made the cake, or the pudding, or organized some play dates and family visiting.

We love this time of year…