The most popular baby names in each of Suffolk's districts have been revealed by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

In 2021, the most popular given names across England and Wales were Noah for boys and Olivia for girls.

That trend has been followed in Suffolk, with the ONS data broken down into districts and boroughs.


Noah was the most popular choice for boys with five out of 386 babies given that name.

Olivia was also the most popular name for girls, with five out of 378.

East Suffolk

Noah was again the most popular choice for the East Suffolk district, with 13 babies.

Olivia was chosen for girls 18 times.


Suffolk's county town saw 10 boys called Noah born last year.

There were also six girls called Olivia.

Mid Suffolk

Seven boys were given the name Noah in the Mid Suffolk district.

Olivia was once again the most popular girls' name, with nine instances.

West Suffolk

Determined not to buck the trend throughout Suffolk, West Suffolk welcomed the arrival of 16 boys called Noah last year.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Olivia was the most popular girls' name – with 11 instances.

What other names were popular?

Throughout the East of England, the top boys' name was George, followed by Noah, Oliver, Arthur and Leo.

For girls, Olivia was top, followed by Amelia, Isla, Ava and Ivy.

In total, 4,525 baby boys were named Noah in 2021, and 3,649 girls were named Olivia, up from 3,640 in 2020.

Noah was the fourth most popular boys’ name in 2020 and has risen 15 places since 2011.

Olivia was the top girls’ name in every English region and Wales, except in the East Midlands where Amelia was the most popular girls’ name.