The River Waveney Trust have issued a drought warning due to rising heat levels and have urged people to change their behaviour with water usage.

July 2022 was England's driest since 1935, with the country experiencing just 35pc of its average rainfall for the month.

In East Anglia, south-east, and southern England, it was the driest July on record.

Martha Meek, development manager at the River Waveney Trust said: “We are seeing really low levels on the River Waveney currently.

"There is currently no flow in the upper reaches, with the river unable to pass over a weir upstream of Diss.

"Oxygen levels in the water are really low as the warmer water carries less oxygen, endangering all aquatic life.

"We really need to see more action being taken to reduce water use in the local area, as well as projects to capture and store water on the land in times of high rainfall and recharge our underground aquifers on which we all depend."