An internationally-acclaimed band have released their latest song as part of a monthly challenge for 2020 - with the music video filmed in a Bungay gym.

As part of a bid to put out a new single each month throughout 2020, Ben Wood and the Bad Ideas have released ‘You’re the Crash I Needed’ as September’s offering.

The band, who have performed in front of royalty at Prince Charles’ garden party, headed to Bungay’s Swift Fitness Gym to record the official music video for their latest release.

The video, predominantly set in a boxing ring, was released late last month.

Singer Ben Wood said: “The staff at Swift Fitness Gym were superb.

“The guys even agreed to feature in the video as menacing security guards, escorting each competitor to the ring.

“It’s a beautiful, new, state-of-the-art gym and they’ve just reopened their doors.”

As with the band’s previous releases this year, ‘You’re the Crash I Needed’ has been spun by famous Los Angeles DJ Rodney Bingenheimer on his radio show, as well as featuring on Planet Rock Radio and the BBC.

Mr Wood said: “We’re so grateful for the support we’ve had for all of the releases for our 2020 project. The response has been truly incredible.

“It’s hard to believe that we’re nine months in now.

“We wanted the lyrics to reflect an awakening, a coming-to after a period of being insular and unaware of one’s own actions but for that to be entirely forced upon you by someone else.

“Musically, ‘You’re the Crash I Needed’ was composed to mirror that sensation of when you fall asleep in front of the TV and then it seems explosively loud and totally overwhelms the senses when you wake up.”

The band started after Mr Wood, a busker on the London Underground, was offered an opportunity to contribute to a charity album in the US - one of only two UK acts offered the chance.

With guitarist Andy Duke, dummer Clive Bissell and bassist Ed Sonsino, Mr Wood created his band and a track within 48 hours.

Mr Wood said: “There’s a real immedicacy and energy to writing, recording and releasing music in this way. What’s really exciting for us is that when we’re releasing singles, they’re as new to us as they are to you.”