A planning application for the construction of 22 new homes has been submitted.

Hopkins and Moore, also known has Hopkins Homes, has applied to oversee a residential development of 22 dwellings on land south of The Street in Gillingham, near Beccles.

The proposal includes a single access road - from The Street to the north - as well as garages, car parking facilities and a pledge to provide new areas of public open space.

In accordance with local planning policy, seven of the 22 properties would be affordable homes.

In its application, Hopkins and Moore says the development would "relatively self-contained" and "visually enclosed", limiting any visual impact on the natural environment surrounding the site.

It adds that residential housing is "much-needed" in the village.

Regarding its adherence to environmental protocol, Hopkins adds the development will have "due regard to the impact on the environment" and deliver a "sustainable and enduring development".

Objectors have, however, commented that The Street would not be able to withstand the increased level of traffic brought about by an additional 22 properties in the village.

Another pointed out existing "issues with road safety", adding that extra housing will "lead to the chance of a more serious accident" and would be a "complete disaster for the village."