The wait is over for parents to find out whether their children have a place at their first-choice school. 

This can be a nervous time for parents as they await the important decision of whether their child got into their preferred choice of primary school.

Every child has a fair chance of getting into their parents’ preferred school and Suffolk County Council works closely with schools to try and ensure that as many pupils as possible are allocated their first preference.

But what happens if your child doesn't get into their first-choice school?

What if I am unhappy with the school place my child has been given?

Suffolk County Council is unable to meet all preferences for school places, and will try and offer your child a place at the next nearest suitable school with a place available. 

Your child will not be eligible for Suffolk County Council funded school travel to that school if they could have been offered a place at a nearer school, had you applied for it, or if they do not meet the statutory walking distance criteria.

How will I find out?

Parents will find out which primary school has offered their child a place for September 2023 on Monday, April 17.  

The decision will be sent by the local council by either letter or email. Some councils allow parents to view their results through the admissions portal or system. 

Why has my child not been offered a place at one of their preferred schools? 

Some schools will receive more applications than places it has available and unfortunately not every parent will be successful. Priority must be given to those who most closely meet the school’s specific admission arrangements. 

Where can i find waiting list information?

You can contact the admissions team at Suffolk County Council on 0345 600 0981 or email to find out your child’s position on the waiting list.

Can my child's name be put on a waiting list for my preffered school?

For the normal year of entry to a school, if your child has been refused a place at a preferred school, their name will automatically be added to a waiting list for that school in case a place becomes available.

How do I accept a school place that has been offered?

Suffolk County Council will assume you are accepting the school place offered unless you let them know in writing by May 1 and tell them what education provision is in place for your child for the 2023/2024 school year.