Supermarket chain Morrisons is still awaiting the outcome of its appeal over a refusal of its planning application to build a Costa Coffee drive-thru in its car park in Beccles.

Morrisons in Beccles had their application refused by the Broads Authority on a number of grounds in April 2022.

If approved it would have been the second Costa Coffee in the town, with a branch already inside the nearby Tesco supermarket on George Westwood Way.

The supermarket chain said the proposed Costa drive-thru would be constructed to a "high standard" and would include a cafe seating area and an outdoor seating area.

Morrisons chose to develop the coffee shop on an "underutilized" area of the Beccles site's car park.

Parking surveys Morrisons carried out revealed that during peak operating hours the car park was at 43pc occupancy.

The new premises would lie in the north west section of the car park, attracting traffic from both the A145/George Westwood Way and A146 roads with entry to the premises to the south of the site.

Beccles & Bungay Journal: Location of the proposed development in the Morrisons supermarket car park in BecclesLocation of the proposed development in the Morrisons supermarket car park in Beccles (Image: Google)

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Beccles Town Council rejected the initial planning application stating concerns about traffic congestion and the negative impact the site may have on the environment.

The Broads Authority had provided a number of reasons why the application was refused, including the proposed site being a flood risk zone.

It said since the site is a former landfill site there is reason to believe that the development could be at risk from contamination.

Finally, the refusal concluded that since the development site is within the Broads territory it has the highest protection in order to protect and preserve the landscape.

In its appeal Morrisons says the site is a "fringe area of Beccles" and includes an element of an "industrial landscape".

Beccles & Bungay Journal: Beccles Morrisons off the A146 and George Westwood WayBeccles Morrisons off the A146 and George Westwood Way (Image: Google)

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Morrisons also argued that the trees around the perimeter of the outlined development site were not protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

The company says it is not in its intentions to remove trees for the development, but necessary pruning may be carried out and unhealthy trees, if needed, will be removed.

The applicant in the appeal also restated their intentions to plant 17 new native trees.

Morrisons did not state how many staff Costa would employ, but said that the accessibility of the site is within "walking distance" for people of the town.