The Beccles and Bungay Journal has put the artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT, to the test by giving it the challenge of coming up with a poem about the old town.

The AI system has become an online sensation because of its ability to generate poems, songs, answer questions, hold conversations and even produce essays. 

It is designed to answer in a way that sounds natural, using information from the internet to quickly carry out requests, but has been branded controversial in recent weeks with students attempting to use the AI to write their essays.

Despite the controversy, the Beccles and Bungay Journal wanted to put ChatGPT to the test, asking the AI system to write a poem about the market town.

Here is what it came up with:

In Bungay town, where legends lay,
A tapestry of tales on display,
From Black Dog's terror in days of yore,
To Satanists' shadows, a modern lore.

The Black Dog prowled on that fateful night,
August 4, 1577
, cloaked in fright,
Its fiery eyes, a menacing gaze,
Bungay's heart trembled in its blaze.

Yet beyond the darkness, hope still thrives,
For Bungay's spirit forever strives,
In census records, an intriguing find,
Satanists gather, a unique bind.

2021's census whispers this tale,
Bungay, with Satanists
, does prevail,
A diverse blend, beliefs entwined,
In this Suffolk town, secrets unwind.

At The Green Dragon pub, glasses clink,
Where golden brews make spirits wink,
Beer's frothy embrace, a timeless pleasure,
Uniting hearts, beyond any measure.

Along the River Waveney's gentle flow,
Nature's serenade begins to grow,

Its waters kiss the town with grace,
Reflecting beauty in every trace.

And there, the castle, mighty and grand,
With ancient walls, it proudly stands,
A sentinel of history's embrace,
Guarding Bungay's past, with strength and grace.

So raise a glass, in Bungay's name,
To legends old and new, all the same,
Where folklore weaves its magic thread,
And stories of the past forever spread.

In Bungay's realm, where stories entwine,
Legends of darkness and light combine,
A town that cherishes its mystic art,
Bungay, forever etched within the heart.

Let us know what you think of the poem in the comments and please submit any poems GPT wrote for you.