An NHS worker from Norfolk was vital in helping England spinner Moeen Ali shake off an injury during The Ashes.

Ali was helped by a fan to cure a cut on his spinning finger which had been affecting his bowling during England's series against rivals Australia.

The bowler came out of Test retirement to play in this year's Ashes after Jack Leach suffered a stress fracture in his back.

Susan Thompson-Craig, from Norfolk, recommended a gel made of honey which healed the wound instantly.

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She had sent Ali a letter advising that Medihoney would really help.

The England ace told the BBC: "I got home after the Edgbaston Test and a few days later I got a letter from a lady who said her husband is a big fan of mine.

"They were watching and saw the gash on my finger and thought the Medihoney would really help me. I tried it and it really healed my finger straight away.

"It's amazing that someone had written to me about this."

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Ms Thompson-Craig, who works in sales for Integra, manufacturers of Medihoney, told the BBC: "I saw what was going on and believed if Moeen put this on his finger he would be alright.

"I saw how much of a big problem Moeen's finger was.

"I tracked down an address for him and sent him a load of bits and pieces, with a letter explaining that we work with the NHS and also that there was nothing in the product that would contravene drug testing or his Muslim faith."

Ali was so touched by someone reaching out, that he wanted to write back to say thank you - but had misplaced the letter.

After a plea to find her, Thompson-Craig's partner Derek, sent a message to the BBC and her details were passed to the cricketer.