A council leader has sought reassurances over a bid to build a controversial incinerator to ensure it complies with regulations.

East Suffolk Council leader Caroline Topping believes that there are concerns about the residual-waste incinerator facility that VC Cooke Ltd proposes to build on the Ellough Industrial Estate near Beccles. 

Suffolk County Council granted permission for the build in February, but VC Cooke still requires an environmental permit from East Suffolk Council to operate.

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Cllr Topping said: “It’s good to receive proposals for new businesses in our district, and we consider them all according to our statutory duty. 

"But local residents are extremely worried about this development.

"Suffolk County Council was also split on the merits of the proposal, with permission granted on a casting vote and without an environmental impact assessment. 

"There are clearly concerns that still need to be addressed, and we urge VC Cooke not to make any unrecoverable spending decisions before receiving all the necessary permits.  

"We hope that they will schedule a public meeting soon and listen carefully to residents.”

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Beccles & Bungay Journal: The existing Anaerobic Digestor site in Ellough, by WorlinghamThe existing Anaerobic Digestor site in Ellough, by Worlingham (Image: Denise Bradley)

Cllr Toby Hammond, cabinet member for economic development and ward councillor for Bungay and Wainford said: “There are plans to build a large number of new houses just over the Beccles Relief Road, plus a new primary school and outdoor recreation areas. 

"There are also other primary schools in close proximity to the site. So we have concerns about air quality, especially with Ella’s Law currently receiving strong cross-party support in Parliament.” 

Ella’s Law is the proposed Clean Air (Human Rights) Act, named after Ella Adoo Kissi Debrah, a nine-year-old girl from London who died of a fatal asthma attack caused by local air pollution. 

VC Cooke were approached for comment on their plans.