A couple in a Suffolk village has appealed a planning refusal decision to build a home next to an 18th-century farmhouse.

A Mr and Mrs R Sannick had applied to build a single dwelling on the grounds of the farmhouse in Cratfield, near Halesworth, off Manse Lane.

But East Suffolk Council refused it in May 2022, saying the "proposal does not meet any of the provisions within the Local Plan that seek to permit housing in the countryside".

The planning department also said that the development "would erode the character of the land" and would cause "harm" to the character of the setting.

However, the applicants then appealed the rejection of their plans, arguing the site is "suitable" for a new development.

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Beccles & Bungay Journal: Cratfield Village signCratfield Village sign (Image: Sarah Lucy Brown)

And the applicant's ecological appraisal shows the development can be carried out without detriment to the environment.

They say the historic character of the area has already been altered through the
erection of the adjacent dwellings, and the site is no longer open to views across it.

The outcome of the appeal is yet to be decided.