A warning has been issued to people in Suffolk by Anglian Water to be aware of bogus callers this winter. 

The water company has urged homeowners, particularly the elderly, to be cautious of criminals pretending to be part of their workforce.

Statistics from Age UK show one in 12 older people fall victim to a scam. 

According to Anglian Water, the company sees a rise in customers being targeted by fraud during the winter months.

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Bethanie Kennedy, customer services partnerships manager at Anglian Water, said: “Unfortunately, at this time of year we hear of a lot more cases of our customers being targeted by fraudsters.

"All too often bogus callers will claim to be from the ‘water board’ – even though this organisation hasn’t existed for over 40 years.  

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“We want all our customers to feel safe in their own home and know what to expect from a genuine Anglian Water employee who may knock on their door.

“All our employees carry identification and will happily hand it over to check it."