Drone images have captured a town park and a popular walking route submerged by floodwater.

Reece Ling took aerial photos of Millennium Green in Halesworth on Sunday after a heavy weekend of wet weather.

Mr Ling, who took the images on his DJI Drone, said it was the worst flooding in the area in the ten years he has lived in the town.

It comes as meteorologists say Norfolk and Suffolk may be experiencing the wettest February since records began nearly 180 years ago. 

Heavy rains and storm conditions across the region this month are leading experts to believe it could be in with a strong chance of beating records that date back to 1836. 

Beccles & Bungay Journal: Millennium Green in Halesworth submerged by floodwaterMillennium Green in Halesworth submerged by floodwater (Image: Reece Ling)

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Dan Holley, a meteorologist and weather forecaster for the eastern regions, said: "February is, climatologically, our third driest month of the year with on average 43mm of rain.

"However, we've received nearly twice the average amount of rain so far, with still another 10 days to go."

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Dave Throup, a retired Environment Agency area manager, said many places have seen more than 200pc of "normal" rainfall.

This comes in contrast to last February which was the third driest in the region on record. For places such as Wattisham, near Ipswich, it was the driest in more than 80 years. 

The wettest February ever recorded in East Anglia was in 1916 with 95.2mm of average rainfall.

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Millennium Green was created in 2000 from 32 acres of grazing marsh in the flood plains of the River Blyth and the Town River and is situated just downstream to the east of the centre of Halesworth.

Since 2000, further land has been added and the green now spreads over 55 acres .

A track, known locally as "the Cycle Path", was built and snakes its way through the landscape.