Embrace 'The Magic of Terry Pratchett' with a special event next month.

Held at Beccles Public Hall and Theatre, author and comedian Marc Burrows invites audiences to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic Discworld series.

Marc, who wrote the first-ever biography of Sir Terry in 2020, will delight fans with a comical lecture shedding light on the writer's influences, career, and life.

The biography won a Locus Award and was 'embraced' by fans.

This live show, backed by Narrativia, a company founded to protect and promote the late author's work, was developed from the praised book.

Mr Burrows will delve into Pratchett’s beginnings as a school librarian, his stint as a trainee journalist, up until his untimely death in 2015.

In keeping with Pratchett’s own style, the show is a 'gently comic' tribute to his work.

It will also seriously examine Pratchett's activism toward dementia treatment and right-to-die issues.

In addition to using the framework of Mr Burrow's book, the show will incorporate elements from Rob Wilkins’ official biography, ‘Terry Pratchett: A Life in Footnotes’, as well as licensed media.

Conventions dedicated to Pratchett's work are held globally every year.

His books have been translated into 40 languages, sold a staggering 100 million copies, and have been performed on stage on all seven continents.

As John Lloyd once stated: "of all of the dead authors in the world, Terry Pratchett is the most alive."

The anniversary tribute show is bound to captivate both seasoned Pratchett disciples and newcomers alike, offering poignant and funny insights into the life and work of a man whose stories continue to resonate globally.

Marc Burrows often writes on culture and social issues for publications such as The Guardian and New Statesman, and is part of the punk band ‘The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing’.

Tickets to the March 24 event are available from TicketSource.