Suffolk is known for its quirky phrases and words but do you know what they all mean?

The county is also known for its hard-to-pronounce place names. 

Whether you've lived in Suffolk all your life or are new to the county, it can be tricky to know how to pronounce several place names on first inspection

Here are some Suffolk words and phrases and what they mean.

  1. I dussn't dew that (I daren't do that)
  2. He git on my wick (He really annoys me)
  3. On the huh (Lop-sided)
  4. Oi hint never sin nuth'n loike that (I've never seen anything like that)
  5. Sorry I'm on the drag (Apologies for being late)
  6. Hull ut over hear, bor (Throw it me, please)
  7. 'Int ser likely (I think that's very unlikely)
  8. How yer gittin' on tergither? (Now, how is everyone?)
  9. Cupla three (more than two)
  10. Buh (friend)