One of the brightest and most spectacular meteor showers will be visible across East Anglia this week - here is how you can view the event.

The Lyrid meteor shower will be visible in the East Anglian skies between April 14 and 30 and the best chance to get a glimpse of it will be on the evening of April 22.

The meteors can be recognised by the distinctive train track lines they leave in the sky formed by the meteors passing by earth parallel to one another.

Some viewers say the streaks of light look like a motorway in the sky.  

The Planetary Society recommend finding a viewing location away from the city lights during the meteor shower's peak on April 22.

Ideal spaces for viewing can be found along the Suffolk and Norfolk coast, away from the lights of busy towns.

The Planetary Society and The Royal Museum have both confirmed that between 18 to 100 meteors an hour will be viewable during the showers peak. 

Don't worry, you won't need any equipment or specialist knowledge to see the shower - so everyone can enjoy it.