For 75 years a well-known Loddon couple have devoted their lives to one another and their community.

Cecil and Sylvia Nicholls first met while at a dance at Loddon Town Hall in 1944. Five years later, they tied the knot at All Saints Church in Chedgrave and began their life together.

Three of the couple's bridesmaids, all in their 80s, have helped celebrate the Nicholls' exceptional milestone.

On their 75th wedding anniversary, the couple said the secret to a happy, long marriage is "to give and take".

Beccles & Bungay Journal: The Nicholls' wedding day in 1949.The Nicholls' wedding day in 1949. (Image: Submitted)They set up home at Jasmine House on Market Place, Loddon, while Mrs Nicholls, now 93, worked at Buggs General Store nearby. Mr Nicholls, now 97, worked for George Cargill at Hardley Hall.

During their time living in the centre of town, the Nicholls began the Kingfishers Fishing Club, teaching youngsters the art of fishing, and enabling them to take part in various fishing contests.

The club flourished and continued for many years, and to this day many have fond memories of the Nicholls and their time spent as members of the fishing club.

Leaving Jasmine House in 1995, the Nicholls relocated to The Walks at Leman Grove and Mr Nicholls took over as groundsman at Hobart High School.

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Beccles & Bungay Journal: The couple now reside in Beauchamp House.The couple now reside in Beauchamp House. (Image: Google)The couple lived at their Leman Grove bungalow for 28 years, before reluctantly leaving last summer due to health problems. They moved to Beauchamp House Care Home in Chedgrave, where they are very popular with the staff, who organised a special wedding anniversary party for them with a lovely cake.

Throughout their lives, the Nicholls have supported many local charities, and Mrs Nicholls still knits squares, creating blankets for local hospitals.

Now in their 90s, they said they still have wonderful memories. They have one daughter, three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.