Albert’s blooming success with plants

Albert Warner from Geldeston with his blooming Money plants.

Albert Warner from Geldeston with his blooming Money plants. - Credit: Nick Butcher

A south Norfolk pensioner has had blooming success with five of his money plants for the fourth year in a row, despite being told they would never bloom.

Albert Warner, 84 of Geldeston, has been growing money plants, called crassula ovata, for about 20 years, but has always been told that because they are a South African plant they will never bloom in England.

However Mr Warner, pictured, has found the key to success is to expose his plants to scorching heat in June and July, so that by the time November comes they start producing small white flowers.

Also known as a jade or friendship plant, Mr Warner said he has given lots of his plants away as presents to neighbours and friends, but has always been told they have never bloomed again.

He said: “It’s just a case of feeding them and keeping them in a hot place during the summer.

“I don’t know why they call them money plants but they say if you have got them in your house you are never short of money.”

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