Baby alpaca spotted sitting in front seat of car


The baby alpaca was spotted in the front of a car. - Credit: Submitted

It's not something you expect to see when you glance in a car window.

But anyone on The Walk in Beccles on Tuesday morning might have had a chuckle to themselves when they looked in the window of a parked car - and saw a baby alpaca sitting in the front seat.

One person, who took a quick snap of the South American native - the young of which is known as a cria - said it raised a smile.

They said: "I just thought it amusing.

"There was a sign on the other side of the car but I didn’t read it, I was in a hurry."

It is unknown how long the baby alpaca was sat in the car for.


It's unknown how long the baby alpaca was sat in the car for. - Credit: Submitted

A spokeswoman for Camel Park Oasis in Halesworth said all its alpacas were accounted for.

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A spokesperson from the British Alpaca Association confirmed that the animal is a suri alpaca, approximately 8 to 10 months old, and not a llama which look very similar.

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