Appeal for votes to boost village hall repair scheme

Committee members of Geldeston Village Hall are looking to rasie £100,000 to refurbish and repair th

Committee members of Geldeston Village Hall are looking to rasie £100,000 to refurbish and repair the hall. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

People are being asked to get behind a community project to secure £100,000 to refurbish and repair Geldeston Village Hall.

The hall is in desperate need of a new roof, disabled toilet and new working kitchen with all mod cons.

Chairman Loraine Loffstadt said: “We are working to about the £100,000 mark. This hall was opened in 1923 and it has never been shut, it remained open all through the war. I believe it was a cinema first and then it became a community hall. But it has come to the point where it really needs some work.”

The project has been shortlisted for the Nationwide Community Fund, an in-branch local charity voting scheme. Each quarter Nationwide features three local charities/causes from customer nominations, which are done by voting for a winner with a blue token.

The committee will receive £100 for being shortlisted and an additional £500 if they win.

People can vote in branches at Beccles, Lowestoft, London Street and St Stephen’s Street in Norwich, and voting will close on December 30.

Mrs Loffstadt said: “We are putting in grants elsewhere and we have got lots of events coming up including a wreath making evening and a Christmas tea and music afternoon on December 4.

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“We really need to start work on the roof in the spring time as it has been bringing in water and there’s no insulation in there. We desperately need some disabled toilets and the kitchen we have is very poor. We can make teas and coffees, but we have very outdated facilities and no proper oven.”

A charity funding site is being set up and anyone who would like to donate can visit for more information.

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