Villagers come together to free abandoned ambulance trapped in snowdrift


A group of determined villagers came together to help free an ambulance trapped in a snow drift.


The heart-warming display of community strength took place on Mill Common, in Ashby St Mary on Friday morning.

Villagers awoke to find an ambulance trapped in the snow.

The vehicle had been abandoned by its night crew who had bravely continued on foot to reach a patient.

As the morning crew arrived and struggled to free the ambulance local villagers stepped in to lend a hand.


Liz Kawala, of Ashby St Mary, said: “When it comes to a crisis everyone chips in and gets on with it.”

Ambulance crew and villagers alike tried digging the vehicle out, placing cardboard and blankets on the floor in the hope of creating traction.

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When their efforts proved unsuccessful it was the power of social media which saved the day.

In a post which went on to be shared more than 200 times, Ms Kawala appealed for help from the local community.

A host of helpful heroes soon arrived on scene to assist wherever they could.

One villager, equipped with a 4x4, attempted to tow the ambulance out.

Yet despite their valiant efforts the vehicle remained submerged in the snow.

However more help was on the way.

Ms Kawala said: “In the end in was a fellow villager Louise who managed to pull the ambulance out in her 4x4 just as two tractors arrived to help.

“It took quite a few attempts but eventually we managed get it free.

“The ambulance crew were very grateful for all the help.

“Thankfully Mill Common was cleared of the snow drifts later that day by an unknown hero in a mini digger who also cleared our drive enough so we could get out to the doctors.”

She added: “It’s brilliant everyone has just come together. I really do think it has bought people closer.”

Ms Kawala explained that the togetherness and sense of community showcased over the past week has inspired local people to create a community Facebook page.

The Ashby St Mary and Surrounding Villages Community Group now provides greater interaction and a new forum to address community issues.