Assange warned after answering bail late

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange has been given a warning by police after failing to answer bail on time.

Mr Assange, 39, is currently staying at Ellingham Hall, while on bail.

The Australian whistleblower is wanted in Sweden for alleged sex offences, which he denies, and was let out of prison last month after a judge ruled he should be released ahead of Swedish extradition proceedings.

As part of his bail conditions Mr Assange must report to Beccles police station between 2pm and 5pm every day and sign a register.

A Suffolk police spokesman said that on Tuesday, Mr Assange was 23 minutes late, and was given a warning.

“As standard procedure for anyone who has failed to answer bail on time he has been given a warning that he must attend between 2pm and 5pm as specified by the court,” the spokesman said.

“Any failure to report on time is being reported to Norfolk police as they are leading locally. If it happens again he may be subject to court action.”

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It is understood Mr Assange was verbally warned by a police officer that had contravened his bail conditions.

Mr Assange has made powerful enemies around the world, and received death threats after his website published sensitive United States diplomatic cables.

He is staying at Ellingham Hall, a 10-bedroom mansion, as the guest of Vaughan Smith, the founder of London’s Frontline club, which champions independent quality journalism.