Beccles and Bungay Challenge underway

TEN widely varying events are lined up over the next few weeks as teams from Beccles and Bungay get into the spirit of the annual Beccles v Bungay Challenge.

TEN widely varying events are lined up over the next few weeks as teams from Beccles and Bungay get into the spirit of the annual Beccles v Bungay Challenge.

Skittles, cribbage, rowing, tiddlywinks, squash, scrabble, tenpin bowling and dog obedience trials are among the activities which will be testing participants - and hopefully more will come in.

The Journal, which organises the challenge, aims to have them all take place between April 1 and May 31 - but with the flower clubs fitting theirs in this week as the only date they could manage, and the rowing races penned in for March 29, we are accepting other events beyond the closing date.

And the Bungay dog trial organisers are appealing for opponents from Beccles to help make their event, dated for May 31, a success.

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Chris Farrer, who is organising it, said this week that dogs were invited from various canine disciplines, including obedience and working trials. Teams will consist of at least four dogs (more if entered), and basic exercises will cover recall, heel work, dumbbell retrieving, send away, down stay, a two-foot clear jump and six foot long jump. Obedience dogs will be tested on scent discrimination and working trials dogs on search squares. But all dogs are welcome, whatever standard of obedience or trialling they have been involved in.

Competition in different age groups will be held.

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Mr Farrer is organising the trials as part of the challenge for the first time, and is hoping it will promote wider interest in the local dog clubs. For more details, and to enter, ring him on 01986 892444. The entry fee is £5 a dog.

Bungay Flower Club hosted the first challenge event on Monday at Bungay Community Centre, welcoming 15 members from Beccles Flower Club. Gilbert Clarke presented 30 slides with the questions “where is it and what is it?” With much hilarity several teams of four from each club scribbled down answers. There was also a series of cryptic clues around the walls, all relating to flower names.

After wine refreshments, Mr Clarke revealed the answers, and Gillian Harvey did the same for the flower names.

Scores were averaged by the number of club competitors and once again Beccles took the trophy by one point in the test of landmarks, locations and floral knowledge.

Organisers of the challenges are being encouraged to hold a fund- raising activity, such as a raffle, at their events, with the proceeds going to the Waveney Hospice Care charity.

A plaque is to be presented to each of the winning teams, and the overall trophy will be presented following the final event.

If you want to hold an event to add to the list, ring Terry Reeve on 01502 712502 or 01603 772462 with the details.

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