‘We have a voice that demands to be heard and respected’

Beccles mayor Richard Stubbings. Picture: Nick Butcher.

Beccles mayor Richard Stubbings. Picture: Nick Butcher. - Credit: Nick Butcher

The news of the proposed closure of the Lowestoft Records Office and the move of all our records down to Ipswich highlights what is likely to be a growing problem.

Beccles is situated at the far north of the county, a long way away from the decision makers in Ipswich. Further the forthcoming merger of Waveney District Council with Suffolk Coastal, will likewise mean that the decision makers who control much of our local area will be distant.

The whole point of Local Government is that local matters are decided by locally elected representatives. However we are fast becoming a remote town on the edge of a large district and county. Hardly local.

I can see this drive for efficiency and productivity could result in even more centralisation of our services. What does it matter to these remote politicians that we have to travel further and longer?

This is why the town council gets more important. Our collective and official voice is heard. We should be consulted whenever such changes are considered and we can provide a loud voice to reflect the concerns and opinions of the people of Beccles.

The council meets on the first Tuesday of every month, and if there is sufficient business it also meets on the third Tuesday. The agenda for these meetings are displayed on the Town Hall notice board before each meeting. When you hear about something that matters to you, tell us. Make sure we know about it. Come along to our meetings and let us know your concerns and opinions. The more we can show that we have the backing of the people of Beccles, the louder our voice can be.

It is important that we remind our district and county councils that Local Government should mean LOCAL. The town council must step in wherever possible to provide the local knowledge and expertise that these large councils have lost. Let us show that Beccles is a vibrant community that has a voice that demands to be heard and is respected.

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