Mayor launches appeal to honour town hero and renovate quay

Beccles mayor Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw is hoping to honour a former famous resident and install new

Beccles mayor Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw is hoping to honour a former famous resident and install new play equipment at Beccles Quay. Photo: David Brambley-Crawshaw. - Credit: Archant

A memorial to an often overlooked town hero and new children’s play equipment could be among the community-boosting schemes brought to fruition by a mayor’s fundraising.

Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw is attempting to replace the outdated play equipment at Beccles Quay and install a memorial to Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin in the town centre as part of her mayoral appeal.

The project at Beccles Quay will see the two old climbing frames replaced with more modern equipment.

Mrs Brambley-Crawshaw said: “The main equipment is at the end of its life, it’s over 35-years-old and when it was built it was state-of-the-art.

“But it needs to be replaced with something equally beautiful.

“The quay is the most widely visited area in Beccles for residents and tourists so the equipment should reflect that.”

She added: “I would love to see a huge piece of play equipment, something higher than the trees – but ultimately I want the community to decide.”

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The mayor advises residents who would like to get involved with fundraising or make suggestions for what the new equipment could be to join the Facebook group ‘Fundraising for new play equipment at Beccles Quay’.

Mrs Brambley-Crawshaw will also be pursuing grant funding for the project which could reach around £100,000.

The second project will see a memorial installed in the heart of the town honouring former resident, and Nobel Prize winning chemist, Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin.

The £5,000 project to honour the renowned scientist will feature an image of her profile on a large slate wall mounted plaque.

Mrs Brambley-Crawshaw added: “There are not that many women in the country who are celebrated for their achievements, to have a Noble Prize winner from Beccles is amazing.

“She was truly an astounding woman - she discovered the structure of penicillin, insulin and Vitamin B12, which led to countless lives being saved.

“It could encourage children in the area to go into the sciences. To see the face and know she is from here will make it seem more accessible.”

The mayor is hopeful the people of the town will support her appeals and said: “Beccles is a wonderful place to live when people see a need to improved things they do something about it.”

To donate to Mrs Brambley-Crawshaw’s appeal visit: