Town steps up to raise money and donations for people in Ukraine


Caroline Topping (left) pictured with Sue Taylor from Beccles Sewing and Handicrafts. - Credit: Caroline Topping

A town's community has come together to raise vital funds and donations to people fleeing war torn Ukraine.

Caroline Topping, at Beccles Community Hub, is working with Sue Taylor from Beccles Sewing and Handicrafts and are sewing "Sunflowers for Ukraine."

This is a twofold project where people can wear the sunflower and show their support for Ukraine and also raise funds to go to Ukraine.

They are available in Beccles Community Hub and Beccles Sewing and Handicrafts for a suggested minimum donation of £2. 

Other members of the community are coming forward and asking if they can also help in making them.


Morrisons collection poster. - Credit: Supplied

Morrisons in Beccles is also hosting a collection for key products listed above with the collection closing on Wednesday, March 9.

a1 clearance wilderley project

The A1 Clearance and Wilderley Project poster. - Credit: Supplied

A1 Clearance, in association with Wilderley and Unicorn Alpaca Walks is looking for toiletries and clothing donations.

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Specifically, clothing items such as shoes, socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and medical supplies are being sought.

To donate, contact A1 Clearance or Wilderley directly.