Beccles skateboarders present cheque to children’s home after fundraiser

Skaters raised £100 taking part in a competition at Beccles Skatepark on Common Lane

Skaters raised £100 taking part in a competition at Beccles Skatepark on Common Lane - Credit: Archant

A group of skaters who came together to raise money for a local children’s home have presented them with a cheque for £100.

The Beccles skatepark community organised an event known as the ‘Battle of B-Town’, charging £2 entry and awarding prizes for the winners donated by Smash Skates.

Chairman of the Beccles Skatepark Committee Nik Rose said: “It was something one of the young lads suggested before Christmas.

“He asked if once the skate park was built, could we continue holding events to raise money for charity, and someone else suggested the Beccles Children’s Home.”

In total, 23 skaters gathered for the event on April 10, as well as spectators who came to show their support.

Mr Rose said he hopes the skate park will hold more events, and become a facility which benefits the whole town, not just those who bring their boards down.

“People have got the wrong impression of youngsters, and skateboarders generally,” he said.

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The entrants paid to take part in a game of S.K.A.T.E - where each skateboarder has to perform a trick, and is assigned one letter of the word ‘skate’ for each mistake.

The first person to make five mistakes, spelling out the word in full, is eliminated.

Mr Rose said: “It’s just a game they play every Sunday but there was a great atmosphere, people who didn’t take part were really encouraging, there’s no competition, it’s just fun and the children’s home were really pleased with the support.”