Beccles woman has visit from ‘secret’ millionaire

A visually impaired woman from Beccles will appear on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire on Sunday, raising awareness of the challenges faced by people with sight loss.

During the programme 44-year-old Sarah Wilby, met undercover millionaire Ed Douglas Miller, after he posed as a trainee journalist.

Miss Wilby said: “I had no idea who Ed was. All I knew was he was filming a documentary and he was working on an article about visually impaired people using technology and the challenges they face.

“He was a lovely and gentle man and really easy to talk to.”

Mr Miller also met with Bernie Reddington, a trainee assistive technology coordinator for national charity Action for Blind People - the charity that helped Miss Wilby learn how to use her computer.

The duo explained to the entrepreneur the difference that technology and gadgets can make to people affected by sight loss and at the end of the programme he asked if part of his gift could be used to give Miss Wilby a specially designed GPS device.

The device helps people with sight loss make trips on their own more easily.

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Miss Wilby said: “It was a lovely privilege to meet Ed and talk about the types of technology I could benefit from. I greatly appreciate that he took our chat on board by giving me a GPS. It’s a kind, thoughtful and generous gift.

“The device is something I knew about and I thought I’d never be able to afford one.

“I’m looking forward to using it when I go to London in a couple of weeks. I want to explore more in Norwich and Ipswich too and it will be brilliant. The GPS takes the worry out of relying on someone. My life has just taken a new turn and this is part of that new chapter.”

The programme will air this Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4.

- For more information about services provided locally by Action for Blind People, please phone 01603 455767 or visit or through the RNIB Helpline 0303 123 9999.