Beccles woman launches appeal to repair leaking roof at children’s centre in Madagascar

The Boudchou educational centre in Madagascar.

The Boudchou educational centre in Madagascar. - Credit: Archant

Inspired by the response to an appeal to fund repairs for a leaking roof at a Pakefield theatre, Beccles woman Angela Newport has launched an appeal of her own for another leaking roof - in Madagascar.

Daniela Ramasinoro receiving a donation of toys, including some sent over from Beccles.

Daniela Ramasinoro receiving a donation of toys, including some sent over from Beccles. - Credit: Archant

The Boudchou educational centre, pronounced Bood-Shoo, is based in the outskirts of the capital Antananarivo, and urgently needs help to repair the damage caused during a devastating cyclone in 2015.

The small pre-school and crèche for babies and young children was set up by Daniela Ramasinoro in 2012, and also welcomes children with learning difficulties and older children with Down’s Syndrome.

Miss Newport said: “In October I read the article about the Seagull Theatre needing money to repair their building and being overwhelmed with donations. To receive over £12,000 in two months is astonishing and shows the generosity of the people in Suffolk.

“So I thought, I know another leaking roof and building needing urgent repairs and it would cost £500 to fix it. I wonder if anyone could help.”

The damaged roof at Boudchou educational centre.

The damaged roof at Boudchou educational centre. - Credit: Archant

Miss Newport has had connections with the African country since she was young and her family hosted a Malagasy au pair. She has visited three times, and on the third visit spent a year volunteering. She has also helped by sending over money, clothes, toys and stationary.

Mrs Ramasinoro lives upstairs in the house with her young family, while running the educational centre below.

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Miss Newport said: “Although some essential repairs were carried out after the cyclone, a lot of work still needs to be done to make the house safe, especially now that the next rainy season has begun. On October 15 there was an enormous storm and there are now big holes in the Boudchou roof, water is getting in under the door and someone has stolen the pipe on the outside wall that takes dirty water away. Finishing the house repairs is therefore very, very urgent.”

Currently there is no spare money to fund the work, so Mrs Ramasinoro is appealing for help from individuals or organisations. The total cost for the urgent repairs is £500.

Anyone who is able to make a donation can drop it off at the Beccles and Bungay Journal office in Blyburgate, Beccles, in a sealed envelope marked Madagascar Appeal, to be collected by Miss Newport. Cheques should be made out to Boudchou.

Any money left after the urgent repairs are carried out will be used for work on the rest of the building.

The centre will be holding its own festive celebration today when children, their families, friends, teachers, staff and supporters will be gathering around a Christmas tree.