'I feel confident' - Woman's weight loss transformation after years of struggle

jackie beccles

Jackie lost an incredible four stone over a year. - Credit: Slimming World

With New Year's just around the corner, now might be the perfect time to take control, lose weight and get fitter.

This is exactly what Jackie Crisp, from Beccles, has done - losing an incredible four stone in a year.

She set her mind to joining a local slimming world group, cooking healthier and losing weight with other people.

jackie weight loss

Jackie before she started her weight loss. - Credit: Slimming World

The 55-year-old started at her local slimming world in May 2019 and was inspired to join after being told about her weight in public.

Ms Crisp said: “Going through a hysterectomy at 34 was a huge life changing event and before I knew it I had piled on weight, another stone here and there.

"I suffered a fall and injured my ankle and then when a gentleman poked me in the stomach and said ‘you need to get rid of that’ I was absolutely mortified, it was the final straw."

One of the ways Jackie has learnt to cut out weight is to cook homemade meals.

jackie confident

Jackie says she now feels more confident. - Credit: Slimming World

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“I always cooked family meals but the jars of sauces were always my go to," she said.

"Now I have learnt to cook from scratch and I love creating cottage pie, chilli and I was even worried I wouldn’t be able to make my favourite roast dinner, but I have learnt how easy it is for me to cook.

“I used to do Pilates but now I feel so much more energetic, I can do more.

"We have bought a dog and walk regularly and Pilates three times a week too. I’ve achieved my platinum body-magic award too.”

She went on to thank the support of her Slimming World group saying: “My group have been amazing, more like a family.

"On my first day, I met Jane who even took me to the supermarket afterwards and got me set up with herbs and spices and Fry-Light too.

"Losing weight in such a social place has helped me increase my confidence, sharing recipes and support each week.

"I’ve become so much more confident, I’m wearing dresses rather than baggy jeans and I have even gone horse riding – a lifelong dream – and it was amazing."