Youth champions share highlights from past month and look ahead to summer of events

Andrea Downes and Caroline Topping, Beccles Youth Champions. Picture: Nick Butcher.

Andrea Downes and Caroline Topping, Beccles Youth Champions. Picture: Nick Butcher. - Credit: Nick Butcher

It is that time again. The weeks go by so quickly and they will go by even quicker for you now that the exams are over, some of you have left school and the summer holidays are fast approaching.

Andrea and I would like to share some of our highlights of the month.

We attended the youth awareness event at St Luke's Church on Friday, June 22. This was in the home of 'Thirst Youth Cafe' and was organised by Jackie Ball and her team. It showcased various youth groups which operate around the town showing not only what they have to offer, but also raising awareness to adults who may wish to volunteer some time to those organisations as well.

On Wednesday, June 27, I went out with 1st Beccles Brownies and we did a spot of 'Bombling'. Beccles Bombles are a team of litter pickers that go out every week and pick different area of the town. The Brownies wanted to do their bit and asked if they could have a go. We took the equipment out and picked from Brownie HQ, through The Avenue and into and around town. Seven bags of litter were picked and the most interesting item found was a lampshade. The Brownies said they hated litter, it was bad for the animals and they wanted to help. I suggested maybe an assembly in schools might help raise awareness, although I also told them it is not only young people that drop litter, but adults as well.

On July 4, Waveney District Council in association with Beccles Free School, Sir John Leman High and Beccles Primary Academy put together a 'Muncheon Mingle'. This was an event which got youth and adults together at the Beccles Free School to perform mixed aged activities and games and there was also free tea and cake. This was open to all and I am sure they will be another so watch this space.

We wish everybody a safe and enjoyable summer holiday. There is lots going on over the summer with Beccles Duck Race on July 29, Harvest Moon Music Festival on August 11 and Beccles Carnival weekend on August 18 and 19.

For other ideas of things to do, check out the e-edition of the Beccles Youth Express or contact your Beccles Youth Champions via Facebook.

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