Bungay slimming consultant receives top accolade for service to members

Sharon Webber, centre, has been given the pearl award for her services to members in her Bungay Slim

Sharon Webber, centre, has been given the pearl award for her services to members in her Bungay Slimming World group. - Credit: Archant

A weight-loss expert from Beccles has won an award for the exceptional work she does in helping more than 70 people to lose weight each week.

Sharon Webber, who runs the Bungay Slimming World group, has been awarded Pearl status by the national slimming club in recognition of the service and support she provides for members to help them reach their dream weight.

The accolade is given to Slimming World consultants who consistently have 70 or more members in their group across several months.

It represents the highest level of service in slimming and means Bungay is home to one of the best Slimming World consultants in the UK.

Mrs Webber said: “I am delighted to have received the Pearl award. I absolutely love my job and I think this is a wonderful award to receive.

“Pearls are something beautiful hidden inside an outer shell so it’s a wonderful metaphor for what we do at Slimming World, we help people to shed the misery of excess weight so that they can discover the real them inside and become the person that they always dreamed of being.

“It’s not just about looking different though, it’s about feeling happier, healthier and more confident too. Seeing that transformation in people is what I love most about my job and I’m passionate about helping and supporting my members to change their lives by losing weight.

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Mrs Webber’s members have lost 21.5 stone between them in the last four weeks. They meet every Monday at 5.30pm and 7.30pm at The Chaucer Club in Popson Street.

She said: “I’m the face of the Bungay Slimming World group, but I’ll be sharing this award with my members. They’re the ones who make the group the success it is with their fabulous commitment, the wonderful support they give each other every week, and obviously, their impressive weight losses.

“The group has really put healthy weight loss on the map in Bungay. Obesity is at record levels everywhere and with 60 per cent of adults in Bungay being affected, many people here are suffering a range of weight-related health problems from diabetes to heart problems and feelings of low self-worth that impact on their working and personal lives every day.”

To join call Mrs Webber on 07877814176.