Town could get electric car charging after council declares climate emergency

Views over Bungay from the top of St Marys Church. PHOTO: Nick Butcher

Views over Bungay from the top of St Marys Church. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

A town council has declared a climate emergency and announced its commitment to a new environment and climate policy.

The mayor of bungay, Sue Collins. Photo: Bungay Town Council

The mayor of bungay, Sue Collins. Photo: Bungay Town Council - Credit: Archant

At its latest full council meeting held on Thursday, 17 October, Bungay Town Council reinforced its commitment to achieving compliance with the Government Climate Change amendment act, which seeks to achieve a carbon neutral status by 2030.

The council has approved a draft environment and climate policy statement setting out its own objectives designed to reach the goal.

They will now establish a working group comprised of councillors and members of the community to come up with an "environmental action plan" aimed at directly implementing these climate policy objectives.

Sue Collins, Mayor of Bungay, said: "While this is council lead it is critical that the town council works with the community and it is a partnership between the two."

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The hope is that the action plan will help the town to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and enhance carbon storage.

Councillor Guy Bradley said the focus of the plan should be on reducing the impact of key areas including domestic energy and transport, "while at the same time promoting the expansion of green space and tree cover to increase carbon storage".

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Cllr Bradley said: "We believe that adoption of these measures will enhance environmental conditions for the community and help promote future economic development in the town.

"Government policy aims to reduce emissions from domestic energy consumption through restrictions on the installation of gas boilers from 2025, and therefore future housing design and energy consumption will be a critical element in meeting future targets.

"Transport within the town is also being considered with the possible installation of electric car charging points and options for a car share scheme and electric public service vehicles."

The council's environment policy will go before the next full town council meeting on Thursday, December 19.

Enthusiastic members of the community should get in touch with the council to share experiences and thoughts about developing and implementing practical measures to implement the current policy measures.

Anyone interested should contact town clerk Jeremy Burton at the town hall on 01986 894 236.

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