Mum's worry after heating oil bill triples over two weeks

heating oil

Jenny Evans expressed her worry at the sudden rise in heating oil costs. - Credit: Jenny Evans/Archant

A mother has expressed her worry after seeing a quote for heating oil triple over a two week period.

Jenny Evans said she thought it was a "wind-up" after she read that it would be £907 for 500l of heating oil, an increase from £337 for 500l two weeks previously for her Kirby Cane family home in south Norfolk.

Miss Evans, who works as a senior specialist recruiter, said that while she had already paid the £337 for 500l of heating oil which should last around six months, she is worried about how the price rises will impact everyone.

She said the dramatic price rise has encouraged her to instead set up a monthly payment plan of £100 to try and save money.

jenny evans

Jenny Evans has been forced to set up monthly payments to try and save money. - Credit: Jenny Evans

"When I saw the price rise I thought it was a wind-up at first," she said.

"I booked our heating oil two weeks ago because I had a gut feeling that prices would rise and thank God I did.

"But what about those who are on minimum wage, are elderly and happen to need to buy heating oil right now?

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"It is a choice of choosing between heating a home and eating."

People across the country are being crippled by the rise of heating oil, which according to data from has dramatically risen day-by-day since February 24 2022.

The price of oil jumped to an all time high last month and has continued to rise each day following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which has caused the market to become unstable and volatile impacting crude oil prices across the UK.

Families like Miss Evans' rely on heating oil because in rural areas there is a lack of mains gas supply.

heating oil

Thousands of people in Norfolk rely on heating oil for their homes. - Credit: Archant

She said: "I think everyone will be forced to be careful with their money, socialise less and just spend less.

"But when wages don't increase in line with the cost of living it becomes a huge problem.

"It is a huge worry for everyone. The war really hits home because geographically it is close and it is already having a huge economic impact on the UK."