Can you help name Pleasurewood Hills’ new sea lion pup?

The new sea lion pup at Pleasurewood Hills.

The new sea lion pup at Pleasurewood Hills. - Credit: Archant

There is a great opportunity to win a family ticket for four people at Pleasurewood Hills theme park at Lowestoft by coming up with a name for the park’s new sea lion pup.

Pleasurewood Hills family theme park’s animal shows have been a permanent attraction at the park for nearly 30 years.

The sea lion shows have been amazing guests for the last 27 years and this year the park is pleased to welcome a new member of the team.

“We were very lucky to receive from Belfast Zoo an 18-month-old male California sea lion. He joins current sea lion stars Claude (11) and George (10).

“He has been in training by our head trainer Dean and will hopefully appear in shows later in the year or early next year,” said a spokesman for the park.

The new pup has settled in well at Pleasurewood and has made friends with the other two sea lions.

Sea lions at Pleasurewood Hills perform in short educational displays during the season.

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“They are very intelligent and can be trained to perform tasks by positive reinforcement (fish).

“At the moment he can eat about 6kg of fish a day but as an adult can eat close to 15kg of fish daily in the winter,” said the spokesman.

Parks in Europe work together to sustain a population of sea lions and Pleasurewood Hills holds a bachelor group of males.

The pup weighs about 50kg at the moment but when he is fully grown he could weigh up to 250kg.

“Unfortunately our sea lion pup is nameless and we are hoping that one of your readers will be able to choose a name for him. A prize of a family ticket for four will be given for the best name picked,” said the spokesman.

To enter the competition email your suggestion for a name to

The park also includes a wonderful parrot show, which have also been with us for nearly 30 years as well.

Many of the exotic birds from Pleasurewood Hills lead a double life and when they are not performing at the park they also appear on television adverts and film blockbusters.