Committee set up to give youngsters a voice on Beccles skate park

Nik Rose and other members of the Beccles Skatepark Committee which was set up to advise the council

Nik Rose and other members of the Beccles Skatepark Committee which was set up to advise the council on plans to build a new skatepark in the town.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

With the town council showing an interest in building a new skate park in Beccles, a committee has been set up to give the youngsters who use the facility a voice to help advise the council.

The Beccles Skate Park Committee was set up two months ago and is hoping it can inform the council on what is best for the skaters and bikers who use the existing skate park on Common Lane.

“My six-year-old son is a skateboarder,” said committee member Nik Rose. “And I used to skateboard many years ago. A lot of the kids had been saying the park is getting into a bad state so I thought I would do my bit and approach the council.

“We want to work together and advise them and we’ve already had a meeting with a councillor about what we would like.

“Some of the youngsters have already told us what they want and at the Skate Fete tomorrow we’re going to hand out questionnaires to get their concerns and what obstacles they’d like so we have something to present to the council.”

Several members of the committee are 15 and 16-year-olds and have been praised by older members for helping to explain to people that a skateboard is far from a children’s toy.

Mr Rose said: “They’ve been fantastic and very passionate. These lads have come up with great ideas and been very organised and approached meetings with councillors in an incredibly mature way.

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“In several years time the current skate park might not be in a good state.”

And Mr Rose said the skate park is a valuable asset for the town and the youth.

“In my opinion not every youngster wants to play football. And there are not many facilities in Beccles to do other things. There is some talent there. They’re a good bunch of kids and they all look after each other. My son’s confidence has just gone through the roof because he’s meeting with different age groups.

“My nine-year-old daughter is starting to skate and scooter and I’m hoping it will encourage more girls to get involved.”

The Skate Fete takes place at the park tomorrow from 1pm to 4pm to give their opinions on what they’d like to see at the new skate park.

All ages are welcome at the event and there will be a best trick competition.

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