Company builds new bridge in Beccles to open community space

Opening the new footbridge enabling access to the community garden in Beccles are (from left): Carol

Opening the new footbridge enabling access to the community garden in Beccles are (from left): Caroline Topping, Josi Horne, Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw, Graham Elliot, Paul Pitcher, and Andrea Downes. Photo: Newman Associates PR - Credit: Archant

For the first time the half acre plot off Goose Green in Beccles will be open to the public, and the council are asking for local people’s ideas on what to do with the space.

With no budget available to create an access point, a local construction company has stepped up to build a bridge which will enable the creation of a community area.

Lowestoft-based Wellington Construction took on the task of creating a secure gateway and metal footbridge over the drainage ditch which could not be passed.

Councillors hope the land can be used by the community, with suggestions for a town orchard or garden among top ideas already put forward by local people.

It is hoped the area will be open some time next year.

The new footbridge was officially opened by Beccles' recently appointed mayor Andrea Downes.

Ms Downes said: "We are extremely grateful to Wellington for stepping in to help, their generous gesture has enabled this otherwise inaccessible piece of land to be brought into use as a community resource.

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"The next step will be to clear several years' worth of brambles from the site, and then to ask local people exactly how they would like the land to be used, within the context of some sort of community growing project."

Handing over the bridge, Wellington managing director Paul Pitcher said: "We enjoy stepping up to take on community projects, and we have a track record of volunteering to build things which will benefit local communities.

"We helped the Town Council draw up the plans for accessing the site some years ago, and when it became clear that budget restraints were holding up getting the project completed, we were pleased to step in and take on the work.

"I am originally from near Beccles myself, so it's a pleasure to be able to do something for the benefit of the town."

Those with suggestions on how the project might be developed are invited to share ideas by emailing or calling 01502 712109.