Cost of living crisis: 'We're not buying clothes or driving'

robert and susan greenwood

Married couple Robert and Susan Greenwood from Lowestoft. - Credit: Jasper King

As shopping bills, energy prices and petrol continue to rise at drastic rates - we talk to locals across Beccles and Lowestoft about how the cost of living crisis is directly impacting them.

Robert and Susan Greenwood from Lowestoft were out shopping in the Britten Centre and said: “All our bills are going up so we are watching what we use.”

Mrs Greenwood added: “We don’t put the heating on as much anymore.

“We try not to throw much away and we are being very careful with everything.”

corinne bray

Corinne Bray, is a Beccles local but now lives in Devon with her family. - Credit: Jasper King

Corinne Bray, a Beccles local who now lives in Devon said: “We have far less money to save as a family, my concern is for my son and the future generations of young people.

“It is forcing people to go back to making do.

“We're not buying clothes or driving - luxuries are no longer an option.”

roy bessinger

Roy Bessinger, a Beccles local. - Credit: Jasper King

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Roy Besinger, a Beccles local, said: "We are watching our smart metre more now.

"The biggest impact for me and my wife is the cost of everyday essentials in supermarkets.

"Even though we are pensioners we are being forced to cut back and for the time being are not travelling abroad."

elaine roberts gary beckham

Elaine Roberts and Gary Beckham, from Oulton Broad, were out shopping in Beccles. - Credit: Jasper King

Elaine Roberts and Gary Beckham, from Oulton Broad, were out shopping in Beccles and said: “Because we are pensioners it isn’t hitting us as hard as it is for young families - for youngsters and families I don’t know how they will cope.

“The heating in the winter is where it will hit us hardest.

“We’ve noticed supermarket prices are going up considerably, our food bill has gone up a good £25 a week more, so what it is like for youngsters I dread to think."

Lorraine Mills is on holiday in Beccles from Kent and said: “We’ve got less spare money but luckily both me and my partner are still in work.

“It is most noticeable with the cost of essentials.

“We’ve started staying at friend’s houses for whole weekends because we then save heating costs."

A couple who wished to stay anonymous in Lowestoft added: "We are buying sensibly and shopping at cheaper supermarkets like Lidl.

"We also only have the heating on for a few hours in the evening."