Couple visiting from Canada get engaged at top of Beccles Bell Tower

virginia thom

Thom Hill and Virginia Favreau got engaged on top of Beccles Bell Tower. - Credit: Submitted

Festive romance was in the stars for a couple visiting from Canada who got engaged up Beccles Bell Tower just before Christmas.

Thom Hill, who grew up in Beccles but now lives in Calgary, Canada, was visiting Beccles with his girlfriend, Virginia Favreau.

Unbeknownst to Virginia, Thom had arranged for a trip to the top of the Bell Tower, where he proposed to Virginia.

thom and virginia

Thom proposed to Virginia on Beccles Bell Tower. - Credit: Submitted

Fortunately, she said yes.

Beccles Town Council helped to facilitate the surprise proposal, which took place in the week before Christmas. Beccles Lions manned the tower to make sure it could go ahead.

thom and victoria

It was a memorable day for the couple. - Credit: Submitted

Mr Hill said: "We are still smiling from ear to ear from that wonderful day.

"It was a misty day but that didn’t matter because as I said 'it might be cloudy today but I am clear I know my future when I look at you'.

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"Huge thanks to Paul Cunningham and the Lions who were simply magnificent, without them this simply couldn’t have happened.

"I really want to send the biggest thanks to my parents, who spent so much time helping me arrange this amazing day, it will help us remember this for many years.

"Our wedding plans continue to come together but Suffolk wedding venues should reach out if they have dates in August for Canadian visitors."

couple beccles

The couple are now in the process of planning the big day. - Credit: Submitted

Miss Favreau's parents woke up at 4am Calgary time to receive the happy news and said they were thrilled.

Miss Favreau said: “I loved the experience.

“So romantic and unique, it bought me to tears maybe next time we go up I will wear hiking boots and not my heels."

beccles couple

The couple pictured on some adventures together around the world. - Credit: Submitted

Beccles Town Council and the Hill family gave their gratitude to the Lions for their help.

The Bell Tower will reopen for tours from Easter 2022.

Mr Hill has been living in Canada for 10 years now and works in hospitality there.

Miss Favreau works for the Canadian Pacific rail system, and this was her first trip to England.

Thom and his twin brother Richard grew up together with their two older sisters in Beccles.

All four attended the Sir John Leman High School.