Woman detained after cars smashed up in late night attack

Cars with smashed windscreens after disturbance in Loddon

Cars with smashed windscreens after disturbance in Loddon - Credit: Submitted

A woman has been detained after a number of cars were significantly damaged in a quiet residential street in the early hours.

Police were called to Drury Lane in Loddon at 1.15am on Thursday, July 7 after reports of a disturbance that saw vehicles being damaged. 

Officers detained a woman who was later taken to hospital for further assessment, a police spokesperson said.

Neighbours described how several cars parked in Drury Lane and at its junction with Kitten Lane had their windscreens smashed. 

Other vehicles sustained other damage including having their wing mirrors knocked off.

One householder, who preferred not to be named, said: “Residents were woken by loud noises which sounded like cars being smashed, while screams were also heard.

“About 10-15 minutes later, a police car arrived and officers were spotted running towards the scene. Shortly after, two additional police cars and an ambulance attended.”