'It was horrible' - Shock as woman robbed and assaulted in broad daylight

lloyds bank beccles

It happened outside Lloyds bank in Beccles - Credit: Google Maps

A woman was assaulted and robbed in broad daylight while withdrawing money from a bank this morning (December 3).

Police received a call of a reported theft and assault in Beccles at about 9.15am.

It was reported that a woman, 57, had got £50 out of a cash point machine at Lloyds bank and then was shoved by a male who then grabbed the money.

The thief was then chased by a member of the public before escaping in a silver Golf.

The female victim was unhurt.

Eyewitness Theone Nicols, 22, said: "Me and my partner were just walking through town and I'd noticed the lady at the cash point and the man around her and at first I thought it was her grandson messing around with her.

"I then noticed he started shoving her and then he said something, we later found out he said it's not working meaning the cash point, as he said that he grabbed her money and just walked off as it was normal.

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"She then turned round and said that he'd taken her money.

"I turned to my partner and he just dropped his bag and tried to catch him.

"I had stayed with the lady who was in shock and it was honestly horrible to see something like that happen to an elderly woman.

"My partner didn't manage to catch him but had seen him jump into a silver Golf.

"A few of the local shops tried to help, one of them being from Pavilion Fruit and Veg Shop across from Lloyds, he called the police and we went with the lady into the bank and I had to leave but I made sure she was okay before going.

"She kept thanking us but I said you don't need to thank us as we couldn't have just let that happen.

"I just couldn't believe what had happened because if we weren't there I feel that she would have not been as calm.

"I think our community is absolutely amazing as within a matter of five minutes they had looked at CCTV and we managed to get the plate of the car.

"I wish I'd have got the woman's contact details as I would love to make sure she's okay."

Police enquiries are on going. Anyone with information should contact Suffolk police on 101 quoting SC-03122021-87.