Suffolk police share ridiculous reasons for 999 calls

Former Suffolk police officer Daniel Jackson would have been sacked if he hadn't resigned. Stock Pic

Suffolk police shared inappropriate 999 calls as part of International Control Room Week. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

From someone who didn't want pizza for tea to a person calling 999 for a dare — Suffolk Constabulary has shared some of the most ridiculous calls it has received.

To mark International Control Room Week, the force took to social media sharing the ins and outs of life in the Suffolk police control room at their Martlesham HQ.

Among the insights they shared were some of the ridiculous reasons people have called 999.

One emergency caller was hoping to get the police's advice on how long to cook their frozen ready-meal for, after the label fell off in the freezer. Call handlers advised the confused cook to contact the supermarket instead.


Another was a child who was frustrated they were being served pizza for tea when they wanted chicken nuggets. After being told the problem was not one for the police to deal with, the hungry caller rang again to speak to someone else.

In another pizza-related nuisance call, police had to deal with a caller upset that the wrong toppings had been put on his takeaway pizza and the company had refused to alter the mistake. 

A younger police caller who dialled 999 made up an incident after being dared to do so by friends. Police rang back and spoke to his mum, reminding him that such prank calls are not OK.


Earlier this year Tim Passmore, Suffolk's police and crime commissioner, said: "Anything we can do to take the pressure off the control room would be very welcome, so I would encourage anyone who needs to contact the constabulary, and it’s not an emergency, to consider using on the website."

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Superintendent Kerry Cutler added: "Like all other emergency services with restrictions now lifted, we are seeing an increase in calls to 999 and demand is rising above 2019 levels.

"By July 30, we had taken over 10,769 calls made to 999, with an average of 365 calls a day. In June, we answered 9,626 calls to 999, an average of 320 calls a day."

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