'Next generation of Bungay mafia' hit homes in town

bungay town centre

It is not the first time the 'Bungay mafia' have targeted vulnerable people in the town. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Elderly residents have described being forced to "lay low" and say they just want some "peace and quiet" after having eggs, pots and bottles thrown at their houses by the so-called 'Bungay mafia'.

Those living on St John's Road in Bungay say they have been targeted by young vandals over the last six weeks.

Two weeks ago police patrolled the area, with locals saying they had a temporary respite from the disturbances.

bungay mafia

Locals living on St John's Road, Bungay, have been targeted by the 'Bungay mafia'. - Credit: Google Maps

But this weekend the targeted attacks started back up again.

It is not the first time the 'Bungay mafia' have targeted the town, with locals saying the new brand of 12 to 13 year olds are the mafia "reincarnated".

One elderly resident, who wished to remain anonymous said: "It all started with two short boys targeting my other elderly neighbour who went out to confront them because they were hanging around the back entrance to the houses.

"After this confrontation, we've been targeted ever since.

"They then saw my neighbour come around my house and then started targeting me as well.

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"One evening, they were all watching the houses from a distance and then started throwing flower pots, bottles and eggs during the day after this.

"My neighbour opposite the street has also had problems with them.

"A taller boy has recently joined them and he is mainly throwing eggs at the houses.

"We've just got to lay low and hope nothing worse happens.

"I'm a strong character but I'm worried they will smash something at the front of my house or even worse hurt someone.

"I guess for young people in the town there isn't very much for them to do and they all get bored pretty easily."

Police stepped up patrols of the town in 2019 after residents reported an increase in crime, particularly by a gang dubbed the 'Bungay mafia'.

They claimed teenagers were loitering in the town centre, vandalising play equipment, throwing eggs at homes and intimidating residents.

A spokesman for Suffolk Police confirmed there had been reports of vandalism in the area.

He said: "I can confirm that we have received reports of a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour in St John's Road, including banging on doors, eggs being thrown and an empty crisp packet posted through a letterbox."