Ditchingham mum’s weight loss success

A MUM-of-two from Ditchingham decided it was time to take the plunge and lose weight after struggling to keep up with her children during a game of football.

Now four stone lighter, Jo Chappell is looking forward to a slimmer and healthier year.

The 35-year-old nursery nurse joined a slimming group in January last year with the aim of losing one stone.

“Once I realised I could do it I was spurred on to lose more to get to a healthy weight,” she said.

Still able to cook her favourites such as curry and spaghetti bolognese, Mrs Chappell said she now has a passion for creating new dishes in the kitchen, including her favourite, what she calls a “bung it in and hope for the best” soup.

“This time last year I weighed 14 stone and 11 pounds, but now I’m down to 10 stone and 11 pounds, which is the target weight I aimed for,” she said.

“Before I started I knew I was overweight and I was uncomfortable. I noticed it more when I was trying to play football in the park with my kids and also when I wasn’t able to do my work clothes up.

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“I found it easier to join a slimming group.

“With that extra support from friends, new friends and family it made it really easy.

“I’d struggled to lose weight on my own before, but being part of a group was the key to my success.”

Also a sufferer of coeliacs disease, Mrs Chappell said she still indulges in the odd glass of wine, chocolate and crisps but says she’s learnt to adapt to work out what is the healthy option and to eat the right portions.

She said: “Being a coeliac can also make me prone to putting weight on but now I’ve been able to re-focus.”

Her children, nine-year-old Sam and six-year-old Lucy, said they are “proud” of their mum. Sam said:

“You can notice she’s lost weight by what she wears. She wears dresses now.”

Mrs Chappell is a member of Beccles Slimming World group and attends the morning class.

Group consultant Debbie Blyth-Clarke, said: “Jo is an inspiration to many people who need to make life saving changes to their lifestyle, even with special dietry needs – a circumstance which will often make people believe they can’t lose weight. Jo proves that you can.”

Mrs Chappell has also won “Slimmer of the Week” and “Slimmer of the Month” a number of times, was nominated for “Slimmer of the Year” and has also won “Miss Slinky 2011” within her group.

For more information about Beccles Slimming World group contact Debbie on 01508 548433 or visit www.slimmingworld.com