Draconid meteor shower to be visible over Norfolk next month

Perseids Meteor Shower and where to see them in the south east of England

A meteor shower over Norfolk. - Credit: MK Feeney / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The Draconid meteor shower is set to be visible over Norfolk next month.

Meteors will be most visible in the county in the early hours of the evening between October 7 and 11, as they follow the path of the Draco constellation which gives the shower its name.

Experts say the best place to get a view of the astronomical event is somewhere with dark skies, an unobstructed horizon and very little light pollution, with no direct sources of light entering your eyes.

The shower is followed by beautiful streaks of light which are actually caused by particles as small as a grain of sand, and occurs when Earth travels through a cloud of cometary debris.

It has produced some of the most active displays of the 20th century, however recently the shower has been less active with a visible shower becoming rarer.

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