Council to let 'grass grow' to support important wildlife habitats

pardon the weeds

Pardon the weeds we are feeding the bees has been launched by East Suffolk Council. - Credit: Caroline Topping

A council is continuing a campaign to let the grass grow in certain areas to support important wildlife habitats and biodiversity.

This means more conservation areas will be added as part of East Suffolk Council's 'Pardon the weeds we are feeding the bees campaign' aimed to support pollinators across the area.

Whilst roadside verges will still be trimmed, much of the grass across east Suffolk's 100 biodiversity sites will be left to grow and instead cutting will be carried out around the cycle growth of flowers.

Caroline Topping, Leader of the GLI Group and councillor for Beccles, commented: “I have received some questions about this campaign in Beccles, and I hope this extra information has been able to reassure members of the community.

"I have made sure that some of the areas residents are especially concerned about will managed in a slightly different way in order to accommodate those concerns.”

James Mallinder, Cabinet Member for the Environment at East Suffolk said: This sustainable management of our assets will continue each year, making sure environmental considerations are at the heart of decisions made at East Suffolk.