'We can achieve great things' - Autistic man releases film


Alfie Bowen, 22, has created the film to raise awareness about autism. - Credit: WaterBear Network

An autistic filmmaker has created his own film to raise awareness about the developmental disorder.

Alfie Bowen, from Beccles, teamed up with WaterBearHQ in Amsterdam to create a short film which documents the last 22 years of his life living in Suffolk with autism.

The message of the film is that those with autism can accomplish great things.

film poster

An Eye For Detail film poster. - Credit: WaterBear Network

"Of course no two autistic people are the same, and the focus of the film is very much my journey through life with autism.

"Ever since I began the journey as an artist I have been fuelled by a strong desire to use the platform I have to raise awareness of autism, in the hope that it inspires others and prevents them from going though the horrors that I went through," the 22-year-old said.

Mr Bowen was bullied at school for his autism and tried to take his own life four times.

Since his school days, he has now become a well renowned wildlife photographer and embraced his further artistic talent by creating this short film.


The film explores areas in Suffolk like Africa Alive! - Credit: WaterBear Network

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"We’ve essentially condensed the last 22 years of my life into a short, powerful piece of film, with the aim of showing my photography, and proving that autistic people can achieve great things.

"We filmed at two of the most important places in my life — my home, and Africa Alive!.

"I have been visiting Africa Alive! since I was two years old, and know it like the back of my hand — it has been the epicentre of my journey, and my artistic development.

"We also filmed at Castle Fine Art in Norwich, as I have just been signed by them."

Mr Bowen added the film had a simple and universal message.

"Follow your passions and keep fighting, because the sun will shine again."

The film, titled ‘An Eye For Detail’ will be released on WaterBear Network on February 5. You can download the app and watch the film for free on smartphones, or online at www.waterbear.com