Foal being treated by Toft Monks charity

A TOFT MONKS charity has taken on a young foal after being abandoned by his mother at just nine days old.

The foal arrived at the Horse Rescue Fund, near Beccles, in a vulnerable state, too young to be weaned and not even possessing a name.

A spokesman for the charity said: “He arrived at the yard requiring immediate care as being so vulnerable at such an early age he hadn’t been getting the nutrients he needed from his mother, and was scouring badly.

“He was quarantined, started on regular two hourly bottle feeds and thanks to a dedicated team of staff he was fed regularly throughout the day and night.

“It wasn’t long before this regular routine paid off, his health improved, gaining weight steadily and learning to trust people. Eventually, after much discussion, the staff decided to call him Oscar – or Ozzy to his friends.”

The charity aims to rescue and rehabilitate horses, donkeys and ponies, before finding a suitable home for them and helping to keep them protected for the rest of their lives.

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